Rotary Club of Calcutta Renaissance
Rotary International District 3291
Chartered on 22nd February, 2006
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Charter Members' group


Board 2011-12



We are a young group of Rotarians bonded together in this club. Like all Rotary Clubs, we have a rotating Board changing every year from 1st of July.
President 2015-16
Rtn. Vijay Jain
Hony. Secretary 2015-16
Rtn. Siddhartha Ray
Rtn. Chirabrata Majumder

The following is the current list of members:

Name Classification Serving As
Agarwal, Nilesh Accountancy Member
Agrawal, Shraddha Export Managing Director - Club Service
Chakraborty, Amitava IT Designing Chairperson
Chakravarty, Niharendu [PHF] Pharmaceuticals Distributing Past President, Advisor
Chowdhury (Sarkar), Beauty Law - Advocate Chairperson
Dasgupta, Amitava [PHF] Stock Broking, Investment Con. Director - International Service
Gandhi, Sanjeeb [MPHF] Hospitality - Food & Beverages Hony. Treasurer
Ganguly, Sumita Interior Decorating Chairperson
Ghosh, Sumit [PHF] IT Architect Vice-President
Jain, Vijay [PHF] Finance Management Dir - Comm. Service
Kothari, Sameer [MD] Accountancy - Systems Audit Past President, Advisor
Lihala, Mausam [MD] Infrastructure Developing Imm. Past President
Maheshwari, Tushar Realty Managing Chairperson
Maitra, Srijit Materials Managing Past President, Advisor
Majumder, Chirabrata IT & HR Professional Hony. Secretary
Mukherjee, Arindam Financial products Marketing Chairperson
Nagchaudhuri, Sitendu [PHF] IT Professional Member
Nahata, Prakash [PHF] Placements Consulting Past President, Advisor
Patel, Kartik [RSFM] Adhesives Distributing Hony. Joint Secretary
Rawat, Manas Works Contracting Director, Vocational Service
Sarbadhikari, Suman K. [PHF] Software & Web Developing President, CICO
Sodhani, Nawneet [PHF] Accountancy - Internal Audit President-Elect


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